Compiz error


My box has an Asus P5GC-MX/1333 motherboard. I’m using integrated VGA.

I’ve installed all drivers. Installed driver for Intel i945G VGA and enabled 3D and it’s working fine.

After that, I’ve installed Compiz, but when I try to enable it by command “gnome-xgl-switch --enable-xgl”, i got an error “-bash: gnome-xgl-switch: command not found”.

Tried to install additional RPMs, but no good.

I’ve followed HOWTO on hxxp://

What to do to run “gnome-xgl-switch --enable-xgl”???

try su to root before running the command,might work


Tried both… user and root… no good :frowning:

What version of openSUSE are you using? If 11, Compiz_Fusion is already installed. Just a matter of enabling it.

openSUSE 11 Preview: Compiz Fusion Settings | Linux and Open Source Blog

It’s 10,3.

Have a read of this archived thread:

Missing Gnome-xgl-switch - openSUSE Forums

Looks like the command has been changed from ‘gnome-xgl-switch’ to ‘xgl-switch’.