compiz: effects enable problem

i don’t succeed to enable some effects; for example when i try to enable “advanced zoom desktop” i click in the small near box for enabling it, but after 2 seconds the box is unchecked.

I have a notebook PC, openSUSE 11, Ati x1600, KDE3/GNOME, emerald enabled, fusion-icon and compiz-manager installed.

I have installed the ati driver 8.6 with manual step illustrated in this site.

I have tried to uninstall fusion-icon and/or compiz-manager, enabling only KDE or GNOME but not resolve the problem.

You help me please? Thanks

Try renaming your ~/.config/compiz directory to compiz.old or some such, then logout and login and try enabling the setting again.

sorry but the problem persist…

I have tested with a new account but the problem persist