Compiz crashes after closing a window on opensuse 11.1 kde

Hello folks!

Ive got a old Acer Veriton 7500G and I installed openSUSE 11.1 KDE4 LiveCD. after installation I installed Compiz. Each time i login with compiz set as default window manager, after i close the first window i open compiz crashes. KWin works normally.

P.S. If it helps I have compiz 0.7.8-13

Any help is appreciated(I am searching for answers from the morning)


Only suggestion I can give is to upgrade to the latest compiz, as it has some bugfixes in it that may be of help to your situation. Step-by-step instructions can be found here:

Compiz hell ? Need help - openSUSE Forums

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Thanks Ian, Compiz works but each time I log on I get an error that plasma workspace crashed but everything works fine except all system tray icons group themselves on each other even that they are working.

What version of KDE are you using, and what graphics card do you have?

KDE 4.1.3, upgrading now to 4.2x
GPU is NVIDIA FX5200 AGP8X with latest NVIDIA drivers that support this gpu.

Haha yeah, the upgrade to 4.2 should help. Let us know how it goes.

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Yeah, It will be tomorrow because it takes 2hrs and I will be asleep.

Take care people, Talk to ya later!

Thank you Ian, Now everything works!

Take care and good night