Compiz causing X Total Freezing (Animation Plugin?)

Hi Everyone.

I have SuSE 11.1, KDE 4.3.1, Compiz, Nvidia GEForce6600 using NVG02 195.18.36-7.1 driver.

I keep getting lock ups, which freeze the display, keyboard input (so I cannot ctrl-alt-backspace to restart x), but not the mouse.

When this happens, I have no other resolution but to pull the plug to kill the system.

The problem is random, and seems to be when there is a window switch, usually a pop up (for example, using GIMP, it might happen when I select file-open, and when the file manager pops up, it may freeze, but not always, and also, it’s application independent, it’s happened with many different applications.

I’ve disabled the Compiz Plugin ‘Animations’, in the hope that may help, and since that, it’s been okay, although I haven’t had enough time to assure that the Plugin is responsible.

I’ve done some bug searches, but haven’t found a similar issue, can anyone provide help/information?

Is there any way to view a log of the crash, following an incorrect shutdown to see what’s happened just prior to the crash?

Thanks in advance.