Compiz causes windows to lose borders

I’ve got opensuse 11.1 with KDE 4.2. I downladed and installed Compiz with 1-click install on openSUSE website (it said it is for KDE 4.1.x, but I thought it would still work in 4.2). I tried to launch compiz with "compiz --replace in Konsole, but windows lose their borders, and I can do nothing except to log off. How can I run Compiz?

This may not be the solution, but I suffered that with both Gnome and KDE 4 under 11.1 and the only way I found to cure it was to unistall Compiz and then reinstall it from the X11/XGL repo only (if you have the Compiz repo too then delete it and just keep the X11/XGL repo).

Good luck

Mh… I’ve been experiencing just the same problem. I’ve installed Compiz via OCI (one-click-installation) on Pleae tell us exactly which packages to change.


I have no fix for this so I am just using Kwin with full effects. It’s very nice. But I do miss emerald themes. Other than that Kwin does everything I want and need.

After starting compiz try open the run command and type kwin --replace or if you have the emerald installed emerald --replace and see if it will work and stick. I think when you have compiz installed the fusion-icon is very helpful if you are having such problem.

Ok, I got it to work using fusion-icon. But I still got some small problem. See here:

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