Compiz Broke with out warning!

so what gives I do a system update and bam compiz breaks

im not sure why as i am still pretty new but I do know everything was fine as of 11am today when i was in class.

I did an update and now my eye candy is gone

i read somewhere a symbolic link got broke by one of the updates. and as such i should uninstall all compiz packages then reinstall.

I did nothing changed.

I have installed the most recent driver from ati for my radeon mobility X600 still nada

have aiglx glx composite all set in xorg still nada.

like i said im very new so any information you need ask and i shall provide…if i know how!

I really like suse it’s sleek and everything was working right but now it’s not.

Please help I am so confused and refuse to reinstall windows when i KNOW it was working only a few hours ago!