COMPIZ+ATI RADEON HD3450 effects not supported

Hi, i made a fresh install of suse and everything works fine but i’m having troubles with compiz, when i try to activate the effects i got the message “desktop effects are not supported on your current hardware configuration”.
compiz works fine with other distros, it’s just suse giving me issues, any ideas?


I have a radeon HD3450 on my Dell Studio 1537 laptop, currently running KDE-4.3.2 and desktop effects work ok. BUT it was necessary to install the proprietary ATI driver.

I always install the proprietary ATI driver “the hardway”, which is NOT hard for an average Linux user. New users struggle because they simply are not familiar with the Linux way of doing things. There is guidance here: ATI/The Hard Way - openSUSE

Check out the Compiz forum. User djdoo has documented the ATI setup issue for the past 2 years.
Setup an ATI card with the new FGLRX drivers for Compiz-Fusion - Compiz Community Forums