compiz animation not workin

After updating to the newest packages from the xgl repository
I cannot change the animations for opening / closing and focusing windows.
Every new option that I choose (e.g. horizontal fold instad of zoom) either in the simple ccsm or in the main ccsm gets reverted to the default ones.

Can anybody explain that please?

i am using opensuse 11.1 with gnome and before all of this options used to work.

actually any change in whatever option in compiz does not get applied and reverted to the default values.

Can anybody help me please?

Hi, not much of help for you but mine system also does the same.
Except all other animation responds except close and open.
I’m running on KDE4 + Compiz-0.7.8-40.1 on ATI HD 2600 with FGLRX 8.573-1.