Compiz Animation Effects Not Working.

Installed Compiz and set it as the window manager. Enabled Animation Effects. Set Burn for minimize, maximize, open and close. The effects are not working.

Using Kde 4.1.3 and Nvidia 180.22 on openSuze 11.1.

have you tried simple-ccsm or??? give us more details. any error if you run compiz from konsole ???

Everything works fine except things like Burn. Compiz is running as the window manager so running compiz from the cli gripes that it’s already running.

I have wobbly windows, spinning cube, transparency; just no cool effects beyond that.

Make sure the “Window Match” type is set for “Normal” in CCSM → Animations → Minimize Animation and others.

Oh, thanks. I did not set that.

I am having the same problem. Do I just type Normal in the window match box or type=Normal. I tried both but neither seem to work. The close window effect I can get to work is the fall apart one. The only effects that seem to be working are the ones I turn on from Congfigure Desktop. None of the compiz settings manager effects seem to be working. Could their be a conflict?

a simple query… I have an ATI Radeon HD3450 graphics card…to run these desktop effects, do we need to install ati drivers or the opensource drivers are enough?


First make sure your compiz is set up correctly.

Check out this thread on how to install compiz-fusion correctly for all KDE versions other than 4.2 (if you have 4.2 then just using the one-click will work):

Compiz Fusion on 4.3 X - openSUSE Forums

Then go to this thread and look after the installation part to see how to set the window manager as compiz:

Compiz hell ? Need help - openSUSE Forums

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