compiz and konsole (kde4)

hi all,
i;m having problem with compiz and konsole (kde4) when using vim try to scroll down fully and scroll up by 1 line… then all lines will be like 1st line…

Hi all i have disabled compiz but the problem still occurs… :frowning:
kde4 konsole have scrolling problem especially when scroll up (try using file editor vi or mcedit)
i hate tihs coz i’m programmer and mostly using vi :((
please tell me if you have this problemm too

any work around for this??

i find a Faq for Compiz-fusion.

[FAQ] Compiz Fusion - openSUSE Forums](

i hope this help. and try asking the person that post this how to. he may be able to help you.

i hope this help you

thanks… but it does not work
i think this is the bug in konsole itself not compiz