Compiz and certain applications

Hi Guys,

I’m quite new to Linux and so far i’m loving the OpenSUSE 11 experience :slight_smile:

The reason for moving to Linux is because i work with Oracle products and find them so much more stable on linux then other more popular operating systems.

I’ve successfully installed Compiz and love the effects, however i’m using Oracle’s SQL Developer and noticed that it does not like Compiz running.

My question is can i set my environment up to switch Compiz effects off when i start certain applications such as SQL Developer?

Kind Regards


Wow, almost answer my own question…however it raises another question :slight_smile:

If i disable effects in Gnome and open SQL Developer everything runs fine, whilst SQL Dev is still running i can enable the desktop effects again and the SQL Dev environment still runs no problems and all Compiz effects still work lol!

So why do certain apps not start with Compiz running but continue to run after?