Compiz always crashing

since my upgrade to openSUSE 11.1, required for my Wireless 5100 to work, I can’t use Compiz properly anymore!!

When I start the system, Compiz is loaded but instantly crashes, so I have to start it from simple-ccsm (I have a desktop shortcut for that), but then Compiz doesn’t last more than 5 minutes. After screensaver starts, Compiz ALWAYS crashes when I move the cursor with the touchpad or press a key.

I’m using KDE 4.1. Please don’t suggest me to use Kwin’s effects rather than Compiz’s, because I don’t want to explain here why I prefer Compiz.

When Compiz is not running, I have no window decorator, I can’t even type my root password with my keyboard, and I can’t even properly switch window focus, move or minimize windows on screen.

I have an idea on how to patch the situation before Compiz gets stable: what command does simple-ccsm invoke when I check the box to enable visual effects? I could autostart a shell script that does:

while(true) {
   start compiz;
   wait for compiz to crash;

But I don’t know Compiz command syntax and semantics (does the command return immediately or when Compiz process terminates?).

Thank you in advance.

Forgot a detail: Compiz also crashes when certain windows are closed. YaST Package Manager always makes Compiz crash after closing. I just had troubles with Konsole, but I can say 80% of windows make Compiz crash when closed, and I don’t know how random is this.