Compiz? 13.1+ Xfce

Lovely and smooth, but I can’t find any ccsm for compiz. Also miss Emerald. Help needed.

I have to bump this one:

works fine, but I don’t dare
install CCSM from source, can’t find the exact same version. I really need help with this one.



You could try this I guess: (that’s 0.8.8)

Thx mate, but I’ve looke into all✓&q=compiz&search_devel=false&search_unsupported=false&baseproject=openSUSE%3A13.1
and I know how messy it can be in the end, when core, backend, plugins & extras are fused together. One library wrong and I’ll have big time problems.

Anyone tried with the ‘classical’ ccsm and effects? 0.9x?

Have a look at my link.
That’s only a simple settings dialog. You can keep all the other compiz stuff from the standard repo.

Edit: Ah,ok. It does need compiz-main-plugins which is not included in the standard repo.
Well, you could try the whole compiz stack from that repo, home:Herbster0815
But I cannot tell if/how good that works.

Anyone tried with the ‘classical’ ccsm and effects? 0.9x?

No, never.
I’m using KDE4’s kwin.