Compiz 0.8.4 vs 0.7.8

Will OpenSUSE 11.2 GM ship with Compiz 0.7.8? Why is this? Why not include the more up to date version 0.8.4?
Have I missed something obvious? :X

Did it come out after the feature freeze?

Roadmap/11.2 - openSUSE

OpenSUSE 11.2 RC1 has 0.7.8; the factory repos has 0.8.2 and the current version is 0.8.4.

OpenSUSE 11.1 was released with 0.7.8 so why not release 11.2 with an updated version of Compiz which was released before the feature freeze?

Saying all this, I was curious if there was a reason for sticking with 0.7.8? :\

Feature improvements aside, there are surely some stability improvements which would be Beneficial for us users in 11.2?

I’m still confused (as is my nature).

When did it come out?

Milestone 5 seems to be the version freeze so unless it a) came out before then or b) fixes a major bug, and is considered easier to implement than backporting, it won’t make it.

That’s just how fixed release distros work…

This is what I could get by Googling:
Compiz 0.8.0 released 20 Feb 09
Compiz 0.8.1 released 16 March 09
Compiz 0.8.2 released 19 March 09
Compiz 0.8.3 released 29 August 09 (too late for 11.2 feature freeze)
Compiz 0.8.4 released 14 Oct 2009 (too late for 11.2 feature freeze)

Although it is not when the 0.8 series was released, that is an easy answer as this is available with time and googling.

My question in WHY do we have the same compiz version in 11.2 as we have in 11.1?

Thought I’d add a little info which I found. It adds to the thought of what we have and what I think 11.2 should be released with (0.8.2+).

The release notices for Compiz:

Compiz 0.7.8

Compiz 0.8.2

Compiz 0.8.4

The versions were already frozen - they won’t be changing them for the final version anymore - only bug fixes will be rolled out.