Compiling wine on openSuse11 x86_64

Has anybody around here compiled wine by hand on openSuse11 x86_64?
I need to apply a certain patch to wine.
Maybe wine’s SRPM could help somehow?

The configuration was a bit of a problem, but I finally got it to work via

CC=gcc ./configure

Then there were some weird assembler errors which could be fixed by replacing the compiler option
-D__i386__ with -D__x86_64__.

Anyway, I can’t fix the error

kthread.c:302: Error: Incorrect register %rax' used with l’ suffix

I haven’t any first-hand experience with this. But I wonder if the wine-devel or wine-snapshot-devel packages in the Wine repository would help? It’s at /Wine/openSUSE_11.0

I have compiled WINE by hand on x86_64 - but just as a side project to see if I could do it.

However, certain features end up not working, like libgphoto for instance, because of missing 32bit runtime development files for x86_64 (32bit development files were not meant to be included on x86_64.)

You should check out WineOn64bit - The Official Wine Wiki and scroll down to the SUSE section. I believe this is up to date for openSUSE 11.0.


Thx for that. I’ll take a look.

Thank you. All dependencies were resolved so far. I have a problem with mixed up 32bit and 64bit assembler directives, as ist seems. Did you set up a 32bit sandbox for compilation?

Great. And, no, as I indicated above, hadn’t got to messing with this. Frankly, it’s waaaaay down on my list. But I’d taken a quick look at the devel packages, which is why I thought of that.

Did you set up a 32bit sandbox for compilation?

Nope. But You do need many of the 32bit-devel packages; and you need to make soft links to make up for missing 32bit-devel packages that aren’t included - as mentioned at WineOn64bit - The Official Wine Wiki

Oh. I just realized this is missing under the SUSE section: You need to configure the source with the following settings (only for x86_64):

./configure --prefix=/usr --with-x  --x-libraries=/usr/X11R6/lib

Complete 32bit-devel packages were never intended to be included in openSUSE x86_64 anyways - just the 32bit runtime. You can compile on a standard x86 machine if you want x86 binaries.


Oh. I just realized this is missing under the SUSE section:

I lied. It is there.