Compiling vanilla kernel loses webcam support

I compiled and installed the vanilla 2.6.28 kernel from and simply accepted ALL the defaults for the endless question (because I have no idea what they do!).

Everything but apparmour and my webcam don’t work.

I don’t care about apparmour, I don’t use it (as I don’t know what on earth it is!), but I would like to have my webcam working.

Any ideas where to start?

Thanks :slight_smile:

openSUSE 11.0 64 bit)
KDE 4.2 beta

Make a config on a previous kernel and use that one…
How To Compile A
Kernel - The SuSE Way

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Hi malcolmlewis
I recently compiled a new kernel as well and found it more cumbersome to to use the vanilla kernel at

Instead of using a a vanilla kernel from, I would recommend installing the latest available (and tested) kernel version from the Kernel repository at Opensuse (currently…Unless you have a specific reason to use the latest vanilla kernel.

The kernel repository at opensuse also has the kernel-syms package available for download, you will also need that. (im not exactly sure what the kernel-syms package DOES, but I believe it has something to do with the linux-obj folder in /usr/src – maybe one of our resident gurus can shed some light on that subject?)

Index of /repositories/Kernel:/SL103_BRANCH/openSUSE_10.3


hmm, I actually did use the config file from my (previously) running kernel, well, I thought I did! I extracted it from /proc/config.gz and placed it in the new kernel’s root compile folder. Maybe I did something wrong.


Thanks for the link, I had a look but for 11.0 there is only the 2.6.25 kernel available. I need 2.6.28 because of a problem with my wireless driver. The problem is fixed in the latest version.

Thanks for the replies, I might follow the instructions on the page that malcolmlewis provided, maybe I will spot what I did wrong ;).

On another note, it’s quite amusing because with the new kernel running, the screen-lock-on-lid-close feature has started working under KDE 4.2 beta! It never worked before :sarcastic:.

Just copying config.gz is not quite sufficient. You need to do the

gunzip config.gz
cp config .config

What you did resulted in the default configuration for your flavor of
Linux. Obviously, that does not include your webcam. Using the above
two steps will get you the closest equivalent to the openSUSE
configuration. You will still be asked some questions when you do the
make. Those will be for things added between 2.6.25 and 2.6.28. The
default answer will probably be right, but take care.


If I boot the old kernel in single mode, will the config.gz fie be the same as if I booted into normal mode?

The reason I ask is that in order to boot the old kernel normally, I will have to remove the nvidia driver first, which is a bit of extra mucking about.