Compiling updated packages...9specifically exim).

Hi all,

I currently have a machine running Leap 42.1, yes I know it’s old…which is running my exim mailserver, which I would like to update to the latest version. I’m happy to download and compile myself (and have done so in the past). But is there available anywhere a copy of the configuration used to origionally build the version included in Leap 42.1 so that I can compile the new version with the same options, config files in the same place etc?



Highly not recommended.

Since 42.1 EOL,
There have been many significant security vulnerabilities published, a good number of them related to basic networking. If you persist in using an old server, unless you are behind a proxy firewall (very different than ordinary firewalls), your machine will be exposed directly to hacking with the possibility your machine will divulge username/password credentials and be “owned.” Even behind a proxy firewall, your machine may be exposed to other attacks, but just the networking related vulnerabilities should be enough for everyone to immediately end any thoughts of running 42.1.