Compiling tarball App


i’m new in linux and I got confused about compiling apps and these questions came to me that I hope you will help me.

how to rebuild an RPM source file “src.rpm” for my OS?

Could you please tell me how to compile or install an application from the tarball (.tar.gz files), so that it can be tracked and completely uninstalled in the future?

i have read about this method

make install 

As far as I know most apps don’t use above method, they have their own installation method.
of course I said I am not good at this,
but I saw that some of them use " cmake " or " meson " commands and so on.

If I have installed an app or driver from the above methods, how can I completely uninstall it?

Is there a single way to install all programs , Apps and software and whenever I wanted to be able to uninstall them?

Is there a way to see the list of all applications installed this ways?
Can they be managed via Yast or zypper, just like programs that are installed via Yast or Zypper?

should i have to keep the uncompressed tarball folder for later uninstallation?

I just read a few things in a hurry, can you please teach me completely in this subject?

thank you very much

For the src rpm, make sure rpmbuild is installed and then as your user run;

rpmbuild --rebuild /path/to/src_rpm

It will create and build a binary rpm in $HOME/rpmbuild you will see the location of the rpm in the final output to install.

For the tarball in the directory it was built in;

make uninstall

Should suffice to remove, except any user config files etc in $HOME.

Thank you
Please help me with the rest of the questions

openSUSE uses RPMs for installing and it uses zyper/YaST>Software for managing repositories and (RPM) packages.

When you act outside the scope of those programs, you can not expect them to “know” anything about them.