Compiling programs under openSUSE.

My search-fu is weak. I need to compile an older version of a program that is in the hamradio repos due to the way it reports RX noise as being broken in the version. Is there a openSUSE how-to on compiling programs?

You can look at the project on the openSUSE Build Service to see what compile-fu that was used :wink:

Or maybe it lives in discontinued?

What application was/is it?

No joy in your URLs.

The program is wspr 2.0 and it lives here WSJT Home Page
The version in the hamradio repo is not the “stable” current release. It’s a later release and not considered ‘stable’.

I have to admit looking that the logfile in the first URL just leaves me confused. I guess I really don’t understand the build service or how it works.

In any case the version in the repo is broken unless you are running a software defined radio. The “rf noise” is reported as being higher than it actually is which causes the program not to decode much of the information it gathers due to overloading of the audio chain. Most people running WSPR do not run SDRs so they don’t need to run BETA or ALPHA software.

One of the three versions here?

  1. wspr-2.10.r2222
  2. wspr-2.01.r1949
  3. wspr-2.00.r1714

wspr-2.00.r1714.tar.bz2 is the current stable version.
wspr-2.10.r2222 is the installed BETA version that is broken.

I am confused as how the build service works. The info I skimmed seems very technical. I have downloaded and extracted the tarball from Joe, K1JT’s website.
What I need now is a tutorial on how to install it on my system replacing the beta version that is installed. It seems to have a lot of dependencies and I know that what openSUSE calls a file that provides something isn’t always the naming convention followed by other distros. I don’t want to get into dependency hell and naming conventions which is why I always go for pre-compiled binaries. In this case I don’t have that option so making the program locally seems to be the sole option.

Branched and just building wspr-2.00.r1714 locally… stay tuned to this frequency :wink:

Keep an eye here; Search Results

wspr-2.00.r1714 should be here soon;

It’s shown up :smiley:

I could actually use it on 11.3 since that is the machine that is on 24/7 and have the “SignaLink” USB sound card attached to it currently . I know I am looking a gift horse in the mouth. I am bad.

Going out for a bit but not long, Birthday party for my daughter.

Hope you enjoy the party :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’ve enabled the 11.3 repository, so should be there soon… I hope it’s all working as required/expected?

Thanks a bunch. You are a gentleman and a scholar :smiley:

It’s working as it should. The RX audio gain is reported correctly. It has one know issue which is a occasional random segfaut which is also present in the version I downgraded from.
I posted the URLs to the search page for 11.3 and 11.4 on the forum thread where we were discussing the audio gain issue.
Some may want to try 3.0 which is very “testing” as Joe K1JT doesn’t have it even on his downloads page that I saw.

Excellent and your welcome :slight_smile:

There is a version 3.0 in this home repository…?
Index of /repositories/home:/dl8fcl

Malcolm it’s working beautifully. I have decoded things I just couldn’t even hear with the audio level being miss-reported before. Happy as a clam to be able to run wspr on my daily driver and have it work very well now.

You have allowed me to put off the inevitable upgrade to 11.4 as well. I had ordered a new 500 gig hard drive yesterday with that in mind and it was waiting for me when I got home. It’s going in the test box now I think. No worries until fall I think.