compiling postfix srpm on sles 10.2 ppc fails

We are in the proces of setting up an email server using postfix compiled with “DOVECOT“, “TLS“, “BDB“, “MySQL“, and “VDA”. SLES 10 provides postfix 2.2.9 and we need a versio > 2.3.0.

We are attemting to create a secure (smtps, pop3s, imaps) virtual user email service on our power5 with SLES10.2 with encrypted passwords.

In an attemt to build from postifxi srpm
rpmbuild --rebuild --target=ppc64 postfix-2.3.2-12.6.src.rpm
we see:
/usr/bin/ld:warning: powerpc:common64 architecture of input file XXX is incompatible with powerpc:common output

and /usr/src/packages/BUILD/postfix-2.3.2/src/global/dict_mysql.c:444: undefined reference to `msg_info’

in an attempt to rectiffy the mysql problems we tried building mysql from the srpm… but this fails with the message could not read symbols: File in wrong format

How can we build potfix > 2.3.0 with the needed support?