compiling my kernel problems with make


I’m trying to compile my kernel with an en_US.UTF-8 locale. My config NLS settings option in my kernel config is just set to utf8 and I also compiled make from source that I got from I don’t if the std utf8 is the same thing as en_US.UTF-8 for 1, and for 2, make won’t compile any locale settings for this locale<stumped>.

The original config for the 11.0 openSUSE kernel is set to just utf8 in the option for NLS settings. I have no idea what gives and until this gets solved, I can’t compile my kernel in english!!??

Please help and TIA

Are you sure you need to do this?

Configure, Build and Install a Custom Linux Kernel - openSUSE

Should I be doing something else??

If you don’t know the answer to that, you should not be doing what you asked about.

Ok let’s start over, I want to compile my kernel so what NLS settings should I be using for std english? Since I had a problem with make not having the locale messages for utf8, make doesn’t have the locale messages for ISO-8859-1 either. What should I use? Also, if you could provide an option for a 2nd resort as well.

Can I just omit NLS all together?