Compiling FreeCAD for Debian (Linux)

I want to build a recent version of FreeCAD for Debian. I have been told there is already a version available, but it doesn’t work.

I understand the concept of openSUSE, but it’s much harder to use than the documentation would suggest. When things don’t go as expected, the ubiquitous naysayers are strangely absent regarding solutions. Are there any groups available to help beginners like me get their favorite programs compiled?

I have no idea what opensuse has to do with debian but you can get FreeCad for opensuse here
as opensuse’s openbuild does support other distro’s someone has build it for debian 7 and debian 8 here
I have little expirience with the deb file format or debian in general as I did try it out once but didn’t like it

you can install LEAP or TW and re-ask your question it will be answered, about debian ask somewhere else