Compiling for old glibc


I noticed that a JNI library compiled on openSUSE 11 cannot be used on openSUSE 10.3, it complains about glibc being to old (<= 2_7). Now this library is as tiny as can be and definitely does not use fancy new code from glibc 2.7.

Is there a switch or a trick I can use to be able to compile the library such that other and older Linuces are able to use it as well?

Thanks, H.

Provide the source, let everyone compile it against their own glibc they have.

Well, yes, of course. The code is GPL and can be gotten from svn. However, I don’t expect my users to be able to compile anything, certainly not JNI code. So I would like to offer an installer which just works.

I suppose the solution would be to make an rpm on a 10.3 machine.