Compiling C#.

Yeehaa… I just found the C# source code of a program that I made a year ago for a friend.
Now I’d love to complie it to work under OpenSuse… Which program would you recommend to compile it with? Mono, or is there something “better” around?

There’s DotGNU. I haven’t used it and couldn’t tell you much about it, but it looks like it’s still in development.

Thanks. I’d like to use something solid for building though.

Mono’s the best you’re going to find, then. Is there anything in particular you’re looking for, other than something “better” and “solid?”

Yep. The “best-of-the-best”. I’ll test Mono.

How about codeblocks.

Does this have a plugin for C Sharp? I don’t see it mentioned on their wiki.

Sorry, i think they don’t have c# plugin.
Mono is the way to go then.

CSharp Compiler - Mono