Compiling abacus CAE software -- problem with "elpa" modules

Trying to compile abacus CAE software package from source. Stuck in configuration with weird message regarding “elpa” modules. I have “elpa” version 2022.11.001 installed from zypper repos.

But abacus config says:

-- Found ELPA: /usr/lib64/  
-- Performing Test ELPA_VERSION_SATISFIES - Failed
CMake Error at cmake/FindELPA.cmake:96 (message):
  ELPA version is too old.  We support version 2021 or higher.
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  CMakeLists.txt:207 (find_package)

-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!

I will contact abacus developers but might anyone have any ideas or have solved this issue?

thanks, tom kosvic

You probably installed elpa from the science rep.

That looks to be 2022.11.001 so that should satisfy “version 2021 or higher”.

Do you indeed have elpa installed from the science repo and did you also install elpa-devel?

Note: I labeled program in error. Should be abaqus; not abacus.

I have elpa version 2022.11.001 installed from science repo. Also have devel package installed. But abaqus makefile says:

ELPA version is too old.  We support version 2021 or higher.

This throws error and makes for incomplete configure process as listed above.

Surely version 2022 installed is higher than 2021 version required.

Do you have the ELPA development version installed. That is required when building Apps

If you bothered to provide link to the application source someone may have figured out what went wrong. But what do you expect after showing a single line?

Besides I am sure there is some log that shows details about what configuration script does. Have you checked this log?

Wild guess, it can’t handle the .11.001 in the version string.

More than single line shown in initial post.

@tckosvic do you have an actual link to the software?

Here is ref for abacus software. I started from git clone of whole repo.

Easy Installation — ABACUS documentation

I looked at make files to try to find where the required elpa version was set but could only find error messages when it did not meet their criteria.

Note again: name of code is abacus, reference to abaqus is in error

It failed to compile C++ program. Check for files CMakeError.log and CMakeOuput.log, they may contain compiler output. Otherwise the obvious stab in the dark - is C++ compiler installed?

The error message is misleading, as it is catch-all for any compile error, not just the version mismtatch.