Compilation with scons issue

Hi everyone,

I am trying to compile ardour2.5 on my newly installed OpenSUSE 11.0. After some times fighting with the different packages of which installation and compilation are required, I get this message :

cd libs/sigc++2 && ./configure && cd -
sh: ./configure: Permission non accordée
scons: *** [libs/sigc++2/sigc++config.h] Error 126
scons: building terminated because of errors.

“Permission non accordée” means more or less “Permission not granted” in french.

Apparently, scons wants to launch a ./configure but is not allowed, even whan I launch it with sudo. Can somebody please help me ?

If you search here; for ardour you
will find 2.5 in the multimedia repository…

Or you could download the src rpm and build that…

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I see it’s also in the packman repository as well.

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Hum actually I want to instal Ardour with the VST support, which should not be possible from a package, so I have to compile it.

I think I solved a part of the mystery. The fact is that my system won’t let me execute bash scripts using “./scriptname” but only “sh scriptname” or even “sh ./scriptname”. For example, I have to type “sh configure” instead of “./configure” for the first step of any program compilation.

But scons is using “./configure” to launch the configurations. Does anyone know how I can solve this problem ?
I need a way to let my system allow the “./scriptname” syntax instead of “sh scriptname”.

Apparently, the problem was just that Ark extracts by default the files without the execution rights, so I could not execute configure but I could execute sh.

To avoid this, you need to untar the sources with a special option (don’t remember which, should not be too hard to find), or just give the execution rights (“chmod 755 filename” in a terminal) to the files that are to be executed.

Also OpenSUSE users who want to get a version of Ardour with VST support should follow the following tutorial : JackLab/Ardour with VST - openSUSE

It’s way faster, easier and more reliable than compiling it yourself (unless you know what you’re doing much better than I did).

You could just untar it in a terminal, e.g: tar xzvf foo.tgz or tar xjvf foo.bz2. It will retain the file permissions as they were originally compressed.