Compatibility with opensuse for iMac i3?

I’m considering a new PC which has to be 100% compatible with opensuse 11.3.

I like the iMac design (iMac i3 21.5-inch: 3.06GHz). How compatible are they with opensuse? Is it hard to have a dualboot.

Would you recommend any other PC with a nice design (eg. Lenovo Thinkcentre M90z)?


With PCs this new, its rare one gets 100% compatibility given that the manufacturers refuse to fully support Linux.

Reference the iMac i3, some Ubuntu users have tried and failed: [ubuntu] New iMac - Black screen with Live CD - Ubuntu Forums](

Reference the Lenovo Thinkcenter M90z, I have read of no one trying yet (hence IMHO very unlikely to initially have 100% support). I suspect it may have the Intel HD Graphics where support is new and rather problematic, but the graphics may work. Definitely FAR FAR FAR from 100%.

Get the manufacturers to provide full support and then with such new hardware it will be a different story for the 100% that you want.

IF you want users who have never seen such hardware to give you a more precise assessment, then YOU need to provide very precise details as to what the specifications of each component is in the PC. Don’t make them surf for you. If you can’t get that, then you should try to boot the PC to a liveCD. If you can’t do that, then my recommendation is to forget the entire idea.

Go for a PC where there is KNOWN compatibility that can be discovered by a simple and obvious google search.