Compatibility between AMD and Intel PC's when moving boot disk between computers

Currently I am using all Intel computers, some up to 7 years old, some much more recent. I find that I can move my Linux boot drive between the computers and it works flawlessly. I have never had a compatibility problem.

My question is, will I likely be able be do the same if I buy some of the newer AMD systems, like Ryzen/Threadripper for example. Or is that going to likely require me to install a new Linux boot drive and all the software, from scratch, because it won’t be compatible with the boot drive I created for my Intel systems.

This is all a bit vague when you choose OTHER VERSION as your prefix and only talk about an unspecified “Linux boot disk”.

As far as I know, that will work. My understanding (which could be wrong), is that standard x86_64 technology from Intel is actually AMD technology licensed by Intel. The separate 64-bit technology from Intel was a market flop.

It should boot (possible with some minor problems) but you should run but you should run mkinitrd to detect and optimize

Before AHCI became the norm, disk drivers differed between AMD’s, Intel’s, NForce’s and others, so initrds needed to include whichever was needed to access the filesystem to boot from. Knowing in advance a switch to another would be needed was easily prepared for, but not when replacement to an alien chipset was forced by a mainboard failure. Incompatibility potential with disk drivers now seems pretty close to extinction if not entirely so.