compat-wireless package for 12.2 "unstable"

I want install “compat-wireless” in order to try to resolve a problem with my Atheros card using the ath5k driver.

I looked for the SuSE package for installing the compat-wireless stuff and it seems to me that all I can get is what SuSE describes as “unstable”.

Is this right?

I prefer to use SuSE packages where I can but I am concerned about the “unstable” bit. Also, it lists several things rather than one “compat-wireless” package. Do I install all of them?

Would I be better advised to go to linux wireless dot org?

Cheers - AK

I am missing something here. From the mentioning of the version 12.2, I gues that you use openSUSE (and that is where these forums are for.) But you then start talking about “SuSE”, with which you may mean SUSE (SLES/SLED). Are you mixing up things, or is this a typo?


My apologies. I do mean open SuSE 12.2

Three things:

  1. it is openSUSE and not what you make out of it. It is spelled like this all over the place, so I do not understand why you stick to type it in another way.

  2. I am not a compat-wireless user, so you must take my advice with a pitch of salt. I only can find these unstable source for 12.2. Thus I am unsure what you should do without further advice from others (and that is of course what you try to get with this thread).

  3. I wonder if this isn’t a case of “decribe the problem, not the step”. In other words IMHO it would be better when you open another thread with a title like “How to use my Atheros card using the ath5k driver”. This then would hopefully attrackt people that have expertise in using that particular piece of hardware. Maybe you do not even have to use compat-wireless.

And please when you go for the last option, do read the stickies at the begin of this Wireless forums to see which information you can post with that new thread to help others to help you.


I am looking for compat wireless because my other thread at has finally run out of steam despite heroic efforts from larry (lwfinger).

Take a look here: stable - Linux Wireless

Thanks knurpht.

Whilst reading the linux wireless site, I saw that they had renamed the project to “compat-drivers”.

When I searched openSuSE for that, I got here: Search

Please, which should I go for?

Cheers - AK

I honestly wouldn’t know. Needed it for the wired (!) Atheros on my wife’s laptop. Which also has a broadcom wifi, so no networking at all, initially.
I had to compile and install the driver for the wired card, whch went flawlessly, card works fine now.


I will try the openSuSE route first then.

Cheers - AK

Whoops! That link leads right back to “unstable”. Off to linux wireless after installing all the kernel headers etc in case I have compiling etc to do.

On 02/21/2013 09:36 AM, antttikutoja wrote:
> Whoops! That link leads right back to “unstable”. Off to linux wireless
> after installing all the kernel headers etc in case I have compiling etc
> to do.

Use the unstable version. It does not mean they won’t work.