comparison ubuntu opensuse

Hello i’m an ubuntu user. I’d like to know if anyone has used ubuntu and what differences exist between them. In particular I’m interested in the availability of packages in the repositories, their number and the packaging system. In ubuntu there is great atp, considered by many a jewel of software engineering.

thanks in advance

for kde 4 users - opensuse is possibly the best distro there is. for gnome users no idea as i haven’t used it.

the repos for opensuse are very, very good. opensuse does not use apt but instead is rpm based. this is a very different system to apt but is very easy to use (personally i don’t like the apt system but then again i am used to rpm)

i’ve not used Ubuntu more than from a live cd so i can’t go into the
details you ask…but, i give you something to read while waiting for
a Ubuntu<>openSUSE guru with specifics:

suggestion: download a Live CD and run from it for a while…

package and system management in one great GUI utility named YaST,
which you can read about here:

YaST connects to repos with thousands of programs, search for you
favorites here:

CAVEAT: [posted via NNTP w/openSUSE 10.3]

I tried the Live-cd with kde4 and is beautiful. I think opensuse is the best distro with kde-4. Tried kubuntu but until the first release had many annoying bugs. The only problem i found reported on the opensuse forums is the support for proprietary formats(sometimes it seems that some problem occur after install proprietary codec). Also someone says that sometimes package downloading is slow because of server overload

I’ve never had any problems with that. A great Repo is Packman. Her you will find almost every multimedia package needed. And here is a useful how-to for restricted formats.

thanks to everybody. You’ve convinced me to try suse

I’ve used Kubuntu and like it very much. I switched to openSUSE on my desktop only because I wanted to try an rpm based system. I haven’t regretted it at all. The transition has been smooth and crazy stable. As for package availability I’ve had little trouble finding what I need.

Things I don’t like about openSUSE really are trivial.
I don’t like the installer but thats because for me it could be dumbed down a little or something. I just didn’t like the default and had some trouble making it do what I wanted. No big deal I just rearranged things afterwards.

I don’t like the partitioner though it works great again it could just be dumbed down.

Aside from that I think one finds openSUSE to be a little more current with package versions then buntu. I haven’t been with it long enough to know if I like the release schedule apparently its on an 8 month cycle which may or may not be an upgrade path I’ve just not experienced it to offer an opinion.

The community repositories are easily searched just click “Get Software” and on the search options uncheck Exclude user’s home projects and you have access to a huge number of updated and bleeding edge applications. I always had to use google to find something at launchpad.

Yast is very cool and once familar with it you just learn to appreciate all the work thats gone into it.