Compaq Presario C700 - openSUSE 11

People with similar laptop will find this usefull.

  1. X server (wide screen display) works out of box.
  2. Atheros 5006EG / 5007 - In built ath5k driver does not work, but madwifi driver built from sources will work (use this snapshot -> ).
  3. Syntek web cam works after upgrades to kernel and UVC package.

Great distro, good collection of system tools, professional polish. My thanks to the opnSUSE team.

Problem area:
There is probably a bug in the Disk Partitioner. My laptop has following partion layout.

Partition 1 - Extended, hosts openSUSE
Partition 2 - UFS, hosts FreeBSD 7
Partition 3 & 4 - Ext3 for data.

The partitions 3 and 4 could not be mounted by FreeBSD and partition 3 could not be mounted by openSUSE (errors messages vary).

Installed GParted, deleted the two ext3 partitions and created two NTFS partions. Now they are mountable from openSUSE and FreeBSD.

Hi, this link is disableā€¦!:X