Compaq CQ60 207EL wifi button

Hi guys,
I’m an owner of this laptop Compaq CQ60 207EL.
I have a problem with the wifi card button:
even if it works correctly (not everytime) the button’s light is always red as if the wifi card is turned off.

If is not possible to make it work correclty I need a way to disable the wifi card (or the wifi net search) because of the battery duration.

Thanks for everything!

Surfing the net I’ve found a suggestion:
“Setting dev.wifi0.ledpin = 3 in /etc/sysctl.conf fixes the wifi LED on my CQ60”
I will try it!

Sorry for reposting but I can’t edit, anyway I can’t find "dev.wifi0.ledpin = 3 " in /etc/sysctl.conf .
So i tried to add it but when I do sysctl -p I have:
/proc/sys/dev/wifi0/ledpin: No such file or directory

Still having the same problem… noone has a suggestion ?:’(