Community & Fun Forums ... a consolidation suggestion

As I’ve aired before, I’m not a big fan of (what I see as) the excessive fragmentation of the forums. I’ve also admitted that I don’t browse through the other/“non-getting technical” forums very often, but regardless:

Does there really need to be two seperate forums for General Chit-Chat and Soapbox discussions? Why not consolidate into one:

“General Chit-Chat & Soapbox Opinions” forum?

Just some food for thought

No real opinion here.

Generally speaking, chit-chat and soapbox are different things. But I’m not sure that matters since both are small.

Personally, I browse the combined forum list, so I’m not very conscious of specific forums unless I want to start a new topic.

Same here. I think it is better to have ‘Soapbox’ for the more negative, extreme views/rants often aired there. The other is more for things of a general, unemotional nature.

I’m not familiar with that … I’m guessing that its something to do with profile settings? Will have a look

… top left corner, “New Posts”.:wink:

Much obliged, thanks