commnunity repositories dont show up

hi, this is my first post and second day with OpenSUSE.

i was reading how to install proprietary video drivers and it said to add the NVIDIA repo. i went into yast, clicked the software repo, went to add, selected Community Repositories, let it update and when it went to the “List of” screen it doesn’t show anything. i was able to get my drivers installed by adding the NVIDIA repo via the CLI. that’s nice and all however I would like to know why nothing shows up in the front-end application for the Community repos.

im loving OpenSUSE so far, it’s quite easier to work with than my last distribution.

also, when i was using my older distro (Debian 11), i turned off secure boot because the process of installing the video drivers seemed quite daunting. however, OpenSUSE made the kernel signing process look a lot easier. my question is do i need to worry about having secure boot off?

ok i fixed by turning networkmanager. thanks!

another problem… my toolbar says i have various updates, i can update with the CLI using zypper, but i cant update via the Online Update. is there something im missing, like is there a guide to configuring yast?


I figured it all out, lol! Happy tuxing!

“Turning” what/how? Someone else with this problem might see this thread and wonder what you did.

i will fix that.
edit: wont let me edit earlier posts.

To all visiting this thread.

There is some confusion about the questions and answers here (all done by the OP).

I assume the OP now understands it is better to make one thread per problem to avoid confusion. So please only discuss the original problem about the Community repos in this thread.

To @caspa,

The Community repos list in the YaST > Repository Management is indeed broken (as mentioned in several threads here.