Comments on Laptop stickie ? place them here

This thread is for users to add comments/suggestions on the current “WELCOME to LAPTOP stickie”.
WELCOME to LAPTOP thead area - openSUSE Forums

That “stickie” is closed/locked, to prevent it coming cluttered. But its generally recognized that many of our users have GREAT suggestions, so this thread is intended to be a discussion area, for suggestions on how to improve the stickie.

Hi OldCpu, i’ve been fighting a sound problem on my laptop for some weeks now (thanks for your support BTW), and it’s only yesterday that i discovered the Suse SDB:AudioTroubleshooting guide. This guide provides good info and helps identifying one’s hardware codec and driver versions.

1 - why not mention it in the laptop sticky, since it’s the first thing one should try to do?

2 - is there a place on the website where all the troubleshooting guides are listed?

Thanks for your great work here, i’m really impressed by your commitment to helping others and by your patience.

It is mentioned elsewhere, but some duplication does not hurt. I’ll add it as a link.

I don’t know of a detailed list, but one can do searches:

Exactly what i was looking for!

a user <> has detected that the sticky doesn’t ask the questioner to provide which desktop and version is in use… :\

Updated/Fixed .

WELCOME to LAPTOP thead area

should be “thread area”?



As a slightly off topic note , a long term plan is to replace most of our forum stickies with articles and have the few remaining stickies mostly point to articles for their content.