commands in boot.local have no effect

So I want to turn off CPU throttling, and I notice how each time opensuse boots up, it imposes it.

I would like to know where it does this. I suspect - but actually I don’t really know - if it’s the HAL daemon that does this. Could be.

In any case, rather than have to key it in each time, I put the relevant commands (cpufreq-set) in boot.local. No effect.

I suspect boot.local might not be the best place for such a heavy duty command like this one.

Are there any there places I could put it so that it executes automatically?

You should be able to set frequency policy in Yast in power management

Note you must have the Yast2-power package installed.

that was an excellent suggestion gogalthorp. Many thanks.

Being still as yet a newcomer to SuSE I didn’t expect to see a utility like that “modularised-out”.

However, I woud like to know how to execute commands at boot-up. Root-type commands I mean, not normaluser commands.

Many thanks for your help.