commandline printing on a OKI B4350 nordic letters

I have problems trying to print out filenames and filecontent from commandline/console.

On SuSE 10.1 and SLED10 there is no problem. Problems started with openSuSE 11.1-2 and SLED 11.

The files are formatted with awk for a special official formula and will not come out at all from the printer with nordic characters " cannot find file “?filename?”, and if letters are changed the file will come out but not with nordic letters in the filecontent. The filenames and file contents are names and addresses with those letters. UTF8 or LATIN1 does not make a difference. The files produced from a databasis through AWK comes out all right as files. The problem is the printing.

It seemes as if there has been a change in the configuration in openSuSE 11 and SLED 11 compared to the previous, but I cannot tell what it is.

On SuSE 10.1 and SLED 10 I use a HP Laserprint driver. This works on textfiles, pdf and so on without problem. But with the same driver or the newer b4350_lpjet driver on OpenSuSE 11 and SLED 11 will neither of them work on commandline.

Printing out from graphic screen works with click&drag method on other files, but still not on any console F1-F7 included X11 console.
The textfile content has to fit exactly into fields on a formula. This seems to work safest on commandline, and the awk config file is designed hereto.

I would have to stay with the old SuSE distros as long as I only can rely upon them.

S.S Norway
Is there a solution somewhere?