command line cd !!!!!!!

hi every one ,I’m new
I cant get to the download file using the command line

linux-96fa:/home # cd benchabane
linux-96fa:/home/benchabane # ls
.amsn Download .kde .skel
amsn-0.94-0.gbv.1.noarch.rpm .emacs .kde4 Templates
amsn_received .esd_auth .local .thumbnails
.bash_history .fontconfig .marble Videos
.bashrc .fonts .mozilla .vimrc
bin .gconf Music .Xauthority
.cache .gconfd Pictures .xim.template
.config .gnome2 .profile .xine
.dbus .gvfs Public .xinitrc.template
Desktop .hplip public_html .xsession-errors
.dmrc .icedteaplugin .pulse .y2log
Documents .inputrc .pulse-cookie .y2usersettings
linux-96fa:/home/benchabane # cd bin
linux-96fa:/home/benchabane/bin # cd -
linux-96fa:/home/benchabane # cd download
bash: cd: download: No such file or directory
linux-96fa:/home/benchabane # cd /download
bash: cd: /download: No such file or directory
linux-96fa:/home/benchabane #

help please

Capital letter Download not download.

So try

cd ~/Download

Download what? From where?

@ilvista: Can you please put computer output between CODE tags? (select the text and click the # sign above). As you post it it is unreadable to me.

EDIT: I will not interfere to much with what you are doing, but are you sure you want to poke around in benchabane’s home drectory as root? It is very dangerous to work as root. Especialy as you do not even know the difference between download and Download. Please do not take this as just negative comment, but it seems that you are at the very beginning of using Linux and we only try to help you.

thx for your responces

I did’t know that linux is case sensitive

cd Download

thx a lot

Yes, but when you didn’t know that I wonder if you know what you ar doing as root. Again, be carefull.

And again, please do not doublepost.