Yeah. When I want to be invisible, I want to be COMPLETELY invisible.
That doesn’t work for all IMs though…
At the moment I am using Pidgin - a great way to communicate. But still
it is possible with other clients or even online status checkers to see
my invisible status.

Isn’t there some kind of plugin to solve this? Darn, otherwise this
function really SUCKS. ^^


-Stop crying, emo.:sarcastic:-

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You didn’t specify which network you’re talking about.

For MSN I find “KMess” (packman repository I think) to be a nice
program, and I just checked if I show up as offline when I’m invisible
with ‘MSN messenger block checker’ ( and I am.
It’s a KDE4 application, so if you’re using Gnome and want a better
matching program, you might want to try eMesene instead.
Or just try aMSN which seems to be the most feature rich.

For other networks such as ICQ… no idea :slight_smile:

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Whoa… absolutely right. Network is ICQ (never EVER use that one as
standalone!), running through Pidgin. The invisible mode doesn’t seem to
work. What I want to accomplish is to be TRULY invisble (without being


-Stop crying, emo.:sarcastic:-

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