Combining vncviewer switches?


I use vncviewer (win32) to connect to my SuSE 11.3 box. The SuSE box has the “standard” xinetd started Xvnc server running (includes the -inetd switch).

My client (the vncviewer) has to go through a firewall with limited ports available and so I use the command line:

vncviewer host::port

However, if there is a problem with the connection, such that the client disconnects, it seems that subsequent request to the Xvnc server create a new session/display. The text in the client window reports “nobody’s x11 desktop (host:1)”, then “…(host:2)”, then “…(host:3)” etc.

I have tried combining the display and the port parameters, like this:

vncviewer host:display:port
  • to no avail?

Can anyone suggest an alternative way of reconnecting to a broken vnc session?

Regards, Martin

the display is usually equal to (port - 5900), so I don’t think it would work this way.
a quick n dirty way would be to run x11vnc on your vnc session: the listening port of x11vnc is where your other users would connect to see the same thing you do.