Combining OpenSuse and Windows as one OS

I really need someone to help me in combining Linux n Windows.
So far,I already installed the vmware player,already run the virtual os by using KDE OpenSuse vmx files.
Now,I can only enter the guest account. When I want to open the YasT,the administrator was given to me.
I dont know how to create the administrator acc.
Hope anyone can help me…
I need this solution ASAP…


I’m not sure what you’re trying to do:
are you running windows, and trying to run opensuse in vmware ?
Or the opposite: you’re running opensuse, and trying to run windows in a vmware ?

Either way, you might just wanna try to run virtualbox, it’s an opensource virtualization tool that allows you to install any type of os on opensuse (i’m not sure weither it exists for windows or not)


If i understand correctly you want to run vmware with administrator privileges (root in Linux)
To do this open a console type su then root password then vmware-player


Bro,how can i type the root password if I didn’t create the root acc yet…

Hello !
The root account is usually created during opensuse installation. It has an option “use same password for root account” or something like that: the root password is the same as your user password.


The root account must exist prior to any other or you can’t install anything. So, it must be there.

Oh, was beaten on the line by splitsch. :slight_smile:

anyone know how to configure n set up the ip on the OpenSUSE??

Hi Apache32,

Please open new thread for different question and mark this thread as solved.

You may configure IP by using YAST | Network Device | Network System. You may also used openSUSE help on your local PC (installed by default) as good assistance regarding standard administration stuff.