Colour managed image browsers in KDE

Don’t know how I have missed this before but I have just noticed that Gwenview is ignoring my monitor profile which is installed local user - Nothing else seems to have any problem using it. It’s installed local user because DispCalGui wouldn’t install it system wide when I installed it. It’s had that problem on and off for some time.

Does anyone know as a fix for this or an alternative. I have no interest in one that includes editing facilities and would also prefer one which handled exif’s more sensibly.

>:( Things that catalogue images are dubious too. I use several editors and 2 catalogue - a nuisance to say the least. :’( I don’t want any more that do this unless they really offer something worth while - such as decent exif data.


Solved. I installed Kolor-manager via YAST. That allows the monitor profile to be installed for KDE. It also provides some profiles from a data base some where. Oyranos was already installed.

If anyone knows of a image browser that gives good accurate and easily read exif information I would like to hear about it.