My wife bought me a lovely colorhug2 for Christmas and I have a few questions that someone with this or similar may be able to help me with.

Initially I tried using the device in kde plasma, my preferred DE, however I found that the official method for this particular device uses Gnome. I tried using dispcalgui and, although it finished the process, it failed to produce a ICC profile for my monitor. As I mentioned the preferred method uses Gnome and it’s Gnome-color-manager which produces the ICC profile. For the life of me I cannot find a similar kde app. Does one exist?

As I needed to perform some pc maintenance any way I migrated (reinstalled) to Gnome and I now have a ICC profile; sweet. But I am not used to Gnome and it’s differences to KDE. So I am uncomfortable and not in my element; even the gui file manager is alien. So back to my original question. Is there a KDE app that will do the same job as Gnome-color-manager or am I out of luck?

I realise I could save the ICC profile I created and reinstall KDE but that seems not such a good plan as in the future I will need to use it again. I thought about installing g-c-m under Plasma, but I’m not sure if that would really work.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

In the meantime I am hacking at Gnome trying to get it more to my liking and work flow :smiley:

Well in most cases you should be able to run Gnome apps in KDE but it does help to have gnome installed and any needed gnome based lib.

Thank you for your reply. Isn’t gnome-color-manager part of gnome settings though? I just assumed it wouldn’t work under plasma… probably a bad idea to assume anything :smiley: If not I will give that a shot!

I have been doing an extra bit of research and came across this which is a little old and mentions only an experimental feature under “Desktop Effects” to enable colour correction. Not sure if that feature is available for Plasma5 and from what I seem to gather is in it’s infancy with kde.

This article from Archwiki: makes no mention of a specific kde app.

Unless someone has further information to the contrary, it seems that icc profiling is better supported under Gnome (I guess to be expected considering the youth of Plasma5). I am still interested to know of further ideas from others, but I think I will play safe for now and try to work better with Gnome.