Color Management

Hi all,

I’m running 11.3 with KDE and looking for an integrated color management solution similar like the Gnome Color Manager. See here.

How do other KDE users handle their color management requirements ? Any recommendations ?


The term ‘color manager’ doesn’t match in my mind what the link shows. The nearest thing to what appears to be in the link is KDE wallpapers but the KDE desktop allows several different ways of managing the colour profile of the desktop with different combinations of themes, styles etc. You may need to spend some time exploring System setting>Look and feel and the Desktop wallpapers rather than looking for a one-stop-shop.


An issue dear to my heart. I don’t know anything about KDE.

If you use a colorometer to profile your monitor, install Fedora Core 13 - gnome and use gnome-color-manager. OpenSUSE’s gnome does not work right … you MIGHT be able to get it working if you can find a build of argylcms … but I’m not willing to do it … FC13 - everything works outta-the-box

If you simply want to apply an existing profile … there is a small command line program called xcalib … very easy to compile … I used it for years … syntax could not be more simple “xcalib <My Favorite ICC or ICM File>”

Don’t forget to have fun!

Opensuse 11.3 search for argylcms

Thanks for all replies. Yes I’m using a colorimeter to proof my monitor. I use Bibble5 for raw image processing and there have been issues reported related to FC13 in the Bibble forums. Don’t know if this has been fixed but I’ll give it a go. And, of course, I’ll check out Argyllcms on 11.3.

… and, oh, yes, I’ll have fun :).

Hello again Steve,

I use bibble 4 for RAW image processing (have not updated yet … funds a little low). I SUSPECT (educated guess; I don NOT know) that the problems with bibble on FC13 are related to the version of Java. FC13 ships only with gnu-java/open-source-java/whatever-other-incorrect-name-java and not the Java from the company formerly know as Sun Microsystems. For whatever reason, SunJava is NOT available in the standard repository nor the fusion repository. ( fusion = packman in RH speak :slight_smile: )

I have not yet run bibble on FC13 (i’ll be testing as soon as I finish writing this) but I had problems with another Java application. I built my own SunJava package and have had zero Java issues since. If you are interested in pursuing this route, just let me know; getting Sun’s Java packaged correctly, such that it installs correctly, is a little tricky … so really … let me know!

An OpenSUSE package of argyllcms (required by gnome-color-manager to create a profile using a colorometer) can be found in this repo:

Index of /repositories/multimedia:/photo/openSUSE_11.3

I was unable to get aryllcms from this repo to play nice with gnome-color-manager in 11.3-release-candidate-X, but I have not tried again since the final release of 11.3. I certainly think it’s worth a try.

Finally, I am surprised non of the kde crowd has chimed in yet. OpenSUSE installs a package called lcms (Little Color Management System) as part of default install. When I noticed this, I just assumed that it was used by the KDE equivalent of gnome-color-manager since SuSE in much more of a KDE distro than a gnome distro. Although I don’t know anything about KDE, I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that just maybe … the functionality you want is right under your nose somewhere … simply because …

colorful penguins need good colors … :slight_smile:


Hi Oxala,

Just a hint: if you’ve purchased Bibble 4 after Sept 1st, 2006 (!) you are entitled to get a free upgrade to version 5. See the FAQ on Bibble’s web site. For me it was necessary 'cause of the supported camera models. And the issues with FC13 seem to be fixed with 5.1g according to some user replies.

… more feedback related to the topic of this thread later.

Kind regards,

Hello Steve,

Thanks for the info … seems like the upgrade to b5 is within my budget afterall :). Since I last posted, I have successfully installed and run both bibble 4 and bibble 5 on FC13. I certainly won’t characterize what I have done thus far as “testing”. Silly cya/cma aside … I have NOT yet encountered any problems.

And this is sooooooooooooooooooooo sweet … as hardware based monitor proofing was my FINAL “I need windoZe for that” impediment to free … :slight_smile:

Late but still of interests, there is Kolor Manager in openSUSE’s multimedia:color_management repository. Kolor Manager is a KDE frontend to the colour management system Oyranos.