I didn’t see a thread for it so I thought I’d mention it. I am an Infrastructure Analyst for Grand Rapids Community College, Recently this past semester I requested 25 live cds from the ambassador program and students went crazy for them. A lot of the lab tutors experimented and played with it for a short time it was good competitor to Ubuntu among our student linux users population. I’m just curious if other schools have tried this?

I think you bring up a good point, I also attend college and if anything the adoption of open source software in the universities is very sub-par. There are some professors that I have talked about the matter and they have enclosed that in fact they use open source software on a daily basis but can’t use it in the classroom do to school sponsorships from proprietary companies and just they can’t get the push for it, to allow adoption of open source. I think open source marketing in the universities would be a great idea, not only are you moving some of the attention for corporations, becoming more rounded, but you are teaching students of the options(freedom), the advantages of open source, but your also giving students the tools early on to become ambassadors in the open source community. Listen up Novell this may be something of interest to you, lets get open source into the classrooms!!

Yeah should have prof read before i posted but i think I got the point acrossed. Sorry for the mistakes, to many drinks and not enough sleep lol.

As far as I know the math dept. at Princeton manages its own version of Redhat. But these are math students; I doubt the average english lit major would go for it.


It was actually my university that introduced me to Linux: they have a
lab full of openSUSE machines; however I am studying for a degree in
computer science.

I have found using Linux has helped me in my degree, and has saved me a
lot of time: in programming, using shell tools for file processing and
writing reports in LaTeX; therefore I believe introducing openSUSE to
open minded students is a very good idea, regardless of their degree

Barry Nichols

I work at school with OpenSuSe and have a great supply by them. Im a ambassador and receive a lot of Promotion DVDs to work with. I think that pupils should get in touch with OpenSuSe as soon as possible not only to receive software without charges but to experience. Very much of my students work with it at home also, so they are able to compare between opensource and commercial software.
At least, they have a lot of opportunities they never would have only because I have a great support of OpenSuSe.

greyhoundde wrote:
> … with OpenSuSe … with OpenSuSe of OpenSuSe.


used to be S.u.S.E, SuSE and SUSE…

also, there is today SUSE Enterprise Linux Desktop (SLED) and Server

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good topic, at my undergrad school the physics, math and comp.sci deps all had macs , at the grad school the comp science guys and lab had macs as well at least at UMBC. Most of my classmates were *nix users and still are (my field is computational economics) but when you went to the library all you could find were dells. most of the other areas of study I 'm sorry to say they are lazy to learn/think, ignorant to change (and is a cultural problem inside the academic body, as far as what os should be used manufacturers like dell and apple use nasty kickbacks)