Collapsed menu entries in KDE4 on openSUSE

Under KDE (4.1) if a launcher (desktop file) is the only one of its category, it gets collapsed together with the directory it belongs to into a single menu entry. I noticed this behavior so far on openSUSE, but not on Ubuntu and FreeBSD.

I wonder which freedesktop option brings KDE to collapse menus under openSUSE (only).

There is no such option in my desktop neither in the files, which are quite identical on all OS, except for a couple categories missing or available on one or the others. I don’t use any distro menu approach, have my own scripts (ugly enough) to keep menus synchronized on freedesktop compliant, half compliant (like Xfce 4.4.3 shipped with 11.1 - the latest version from the Xfce repo is more compliant but also more buggy) as well as not compliant older window managers.

The pictures illustrate Ubuntu and KDE behaviors. Look at the xfce screenshot tool in Ubuntu (not collapsed) an openSUSE (collapsed), as well as the DTP entry which is displayed as a directory in Ubuntu and as a program launcher (Scribus as single entry collapsed with DPT directory) in openSUSE. These are the only visible examples on these pictures, but any single menu entry gets collpased with its directory under KDE4/openSUSE.

Any idea how to change that ?

openSUSE has always tweaked aspects of KDE to suit the distribution. Some of these have then been accepted into later KDE versions. So, if you don’t like this behaviour, ask the KDE developers not to include it in the next version.

I don’t know but I suspect you cannot undo this feature in the openSUSE distribution.