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Is there anyway I can ‘share’ a document live with a colleague in another country?
We both need to be able to view and me to make changes to an openoffice spreadsheet live while on a telephone conference. I thought of allowing him to see my desktop via a remote desktop system (VNC?) but I would rather not if possible. Does service / app exist to allow me to achieve this?

EDIT: Forgot to say that he is a Vista user.

If I recall correctly, Open Exchange ( | now available in many languages) should do the trick :slight_smile:

>>>> EDIT >>>>
A google search ( found this:-

Sounds like one made for google docs to me have only very briefly played Doc to edit

From the looks of things you can also say who can edit, one minor gripe you have to refresh and save which I suppose is to be expected.

That’s pretty cool has revisions as well.

That’s a good idea FM, I forgot about the “cloud computing revolution” that’s taking our data and putting in the hands of corporate giants.


I guess it depends on how much you trust the cloud, at least with a local collab. server such as sharepoint for MS or OX or whatever, then you’re in control of your data.

me being paranoid (and having lots of things to hide), do not like the cloud idea and will be avoiding at all costs - even if I have to revert to pen & paper!!

I’m not a big fan but you can use https which is an extra level then combined with I bet they have a better server redundancy than I or you have. I also doubt getting lost is a fear.

As for malicious use well I think google have got a lot more to lose. I noticed iirc that twitter is using it. So if a company of that size and in the field of tech trusts it can’t imagine there is a reason not to.

I’ve not really looked but I guess a few of these companies will assessing it from a security point of view, get the feeling it may just be a dose of paranoia. Google Apps for business Like anything new there will be fear but after having a very brief play I can say I was actually impressed. It’ll even take .ods does MS even open them.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll look into both the Google solution and open-exchange solution.

Unfortunately it’s not able to accept my .ods spreadsheet. seems their converter cannot cope with it. I saved it as .xls then it uploaded fine but the formatting is a bit off due to the double conversion. It does however export the .xls back to .ods fine though (obviously carrying the formatting anomaly over too).

Can’t really comment there is some restrictions I noticed, but I don’t think this is the cause perhaps bug report it or forum it.(I only tried a very simply test) Seems from my brief look that the forum is visited by developers that seem quite good at turning things around.