Collabora requirements vs multipe instances of libre office, worthwile?

I am working on my Corona setup.

On the left I do have my 12.2" Android tablet, using VNC to connect to my notebook and Quicksynergy to link the mouse.

on the right side, I have a old 12" MacAir runing OS15.1, connecting with Qsynergy back to the notebook

With the tablet I do have the same user and data, on a XFCE session, which I have on the notebook with KDE. So far so ok.

But if I want to open a libreoffice on both screen it is not possible. And the hack to get it done with multiple instances is a lot of work.
So I am thinking, is it possible to

A: to use OpenOffice and LibreOffice at the same time?
B: to install Collabora to access all data on the notebook, and howto access CODE after installation.
C: use different offices and Office won’t have problems to copy and paste?

I do have files, that only work properly in LO.

Does Collabora have a working spreadsheet? The online demo only shows a word processor.
After CODE YMP installation, how to access it?