Coleman Keyboard Layout (US English)


Does anybody know how to change the above mentioned item on openSUSE 13.1? Can’t find anything when I did a google search…pasted my question at the incorrect forum, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, and was redirected here:)

Thank you in advance for helping.

What is a “Coleman Keyboard Layout”?

You can set/change the keyboard layout in YaST->Hardware->System Keyboard Layout, or in your desktop’s settings (the latter would only apply to your user though and not for the login screen f.e.).

Coleman Keyboard is a ergonomic keyboard, is the way that the keys are arranged on the keyboard. The normal/standard layout that we used are known as QWERTY Keyboard.

There are also DOVRAK Keyboard Layout, US, UK and so on, which are also another type of ergonomic keyboard.

Tried what you suggested but there are no other keyboard layout there.

Yes, I know that. But I never heard of “Coleman” and don’t know how that layout looks like. (maybe it would be similar enough to some other one?)

Tried what you suggested but there are no other keyboard layout there.

Sorry, I can’t help you then, I’m afraid.

But what do you mean with “there are no other keyboard layout there”?
There should be others. I do have Dvorak, UK and US here in my list, and all those other countries of course.
No “Coleman” though, whatever that is.

It should be Colemak Keyboard Layout, sorry for the mistake.

I did found something about a “Colemak” keyboard (devised by a Mr. Coleman, so I think that is what you mean) on Wikipedia which might help you:

The Colemak layout is supported out-of-the-box in the NetBSD,[4] FreeBSD,[5] DragonFly BSD,[6] Haiku,[7] Chrome and Linux[8] operating systems, as well as the implementation of the X Window System (starting with X11R7.3 in 2007).[9] It is also included with Mac OS X and iOS (hardware keyboards), starting with Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5.0[10] and there is a multi-platform program available for Windows, Mac, and Linux,[11] although as of 2012 Windows has not yet adopted the keyboard in its out-of-the-box selection.

Keynote 11 points to the commit where “colemak” was added to Xorg, and the layout is indeed included in openSUSE’s Xorg config files.

I did find it in KDE’s settings as well:

So if you’re using KDE, enter “Configure Desktop”->“Input Devices”->Keyboard, switch to the “Layouts” tab, enable “Configure Layouts”, and click on “Add”.
Then choose the settings like in my screenshot, from top to bottom. You can of course set a shortcut to activate that layout, and set the “Label” to whatever you like. That’s just how it is shown by the layout switcher/indicator.
You can then of course also remove other layouts that might be there.

If you want to have that layout on the login screen already, try to set this in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/90-keytable.conf :

Option  "XkbVariant"    "colemak"

(if there’s a similar line already, change it accordingly)
I cannot test if this would work though.

Thank you wolfi323]( for your input especially when I got the spelling incorrect.

Oh well I guess is back to the drawing board. Just fyi, trying out openSUSE 13.1 and using gnome.

Does GNOME not offer it?

Try this in a terminal window (gnome-terminal e.g.) inside your graphical user session:

setxkbmap us colemak

That should give you the correct layout.

And as I said, you should be able to edit 90-keytable.conf accordingly to get the layout system-wide.

In the meantime I had a look myself, and GNOME does indeed offer the Colemak layout as well:
Enter GNOME’s settings, click on “Region & Language”, click on “+” to add a new layout, click on the last entry (the 3 vertical dots), then “Other” (again the last item).
You should then find an entry “English (Colemak)” in the list.