Coding c++ in SLED and then running in Open Suse


would like to know if this is possible?



it is possible you only have to recompile your application on opensuse. Keep in mind that the compiler (gcc) version may differ. Maybe you want to have a look at the changes listed at GCC 4.3 Release Series — Porting to the New Tools - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)

Hope this helps

I would imagine there will be issues with the gcc versions on SLE 10
and openSUSE 11, but when SLE 11 is out it should be better.

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so meaning if i use SLE 10 SP2 and then fallback to OpenSuse 10 … things should be fine?

If OpenSuSE is LSB compliant you should not need to recompile, as long as your development practices are within the bounds of the LSB. Lots of people like to use things like QT, etc. and end up breaking their applications when they dynamically link because of Library Version difference.

Statically link as a safeguard, and try to stay away from Community/Beta Operating Systems like Fedora and OpenSuSE as they have very fast release cycles and loose updating practices.

Most Enterprise and popular desktop distros are LSB Compliant. Some that can be named off the top of my head: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Novell SuSE Linux, Mandriva, Ubuntu, CentOS (basically RHEL).

For more information on Linux Standard Base (Standard Libraries and Components guaranteed to exist on all LSB-Compliant Systems):

After looking through the list it looks like OpenSuSE 11 should be good.